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Creating a Vibrant Game-Day Experience

There are times when Jeremy Hartnett, professor of Classics, almost sounds like a coach anticipating the next play call.

“I love reading the game,” he explained, “trying to think whats going to be necessary at any particular time. I spend a lot of time thinking about how we can create a vibrant game-day experience that celebrates the uniqueness of Wabash.”

Amongst a slew of other duties, Hartnett leads the pep band, and when the Wabash basketball team returns to Chadwick Court 168体育平台下载_足球即时比分-注册|官网dnesday for the final two games of the regular season, fans can be sure the band will do its part to add to a raucous home court environment. Something must be working, as the basketball team has won nearly 85% of its home games over the last three seasons.

Jeremy Hartnett, professor of Classics, directs the Wabash pep band.Hartnett puts a lot of thought into this because he doesn’t want it to get stale.

“You can’t set it and forget it,” he said. “If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, people get bored. 168体育平台下载_足球即时比分-注册|官网 try to be innovative and fun. 168体育平台下载_足球即时比分-注册|官网 want to play new material that keeps up with the times.”

Of late, the group has added “Bella Ciao,” and favorites like “Twist and Shout,” and “Country Roads,” to give the Chadwick Crazies something to sing along with.

“With Dr. Hartnett, you never know what’s coming next,” said Dane Market ’25, pep band member. “He keeps us on edge, but he always delivers.”

Market prefers to play the Rolling Stones classic “Paint It Black.”

“There isn’t anything like that one,” said the native of Plainfield, Indiana. “As a drummer, I get to be as loud as I please. I like to experiment with that song and see where it goes.”

Hartnett loves to hear his fellow musicians talking about experimentation and losing themselves in the moment. Not only are they invested, but willing to let themselves have a little fun.

“That kind of escapism, personally, is super important to me,” said Hartnett. “I want all of us to lose ourselves in the moment and blow off steam together in support of our fellow Wallies. One of my favorite things about this College is the way we’re all pulling in the same direction when it comes to music and athletics.”

Market, who’s been drumming since he was seven, agrees. He appreciates the closeness of the experience and the energy that’s generated.

Dane Market '25 on the quads, supported by a gift from the Wabash Women's Collective.“There is nothing like it,” he said. “I look forward to it every time. To be that close to what’s going on and be a core part of the optimism and energy that comes from a sporting event, I don’t think there’s a better way to do it other than being in the pep band.”

Hartnett knows it takes a lot of effort to make the experience a good one. He appreciates the sacrifices the students make to be a part of the pep band—the nights, the weekends, and not being able to always hang out with friends. It’s a noble choice.

Aside from doing something he loves, Market sees the payoff in his connections on campus.

“I have a whole web of people who I can collaborate with,” he said. “The fact that we all share pep band makes those connections a little stronger. Plus, it’s a great way to express myself and play music in my off time. It checks all the boxes.”

He also values what Hartnett brings to this ensemble.

“You could not get a better guy to run the program,” he said. “He’s got the most energy and he pushes us to be the best version of ourselves. He’s very knowledgeable about the music, about the program, and sports. He’s incredible.”