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Education Studies

 Professor Michele Pittard leads a discussion in an educational studies course.

Why minor in Education Studies?

Education Studies is the exploration of areas related to education, and the Wabash Department of Education Studies offers a program that both prepares those headed toward a career in the classroom, and explores the big questions of educational philosophy, policy, history, and practice. Those questions, and their answers, lie at the heart of the liberal arts, engaging students in dialog related to human educational development and educational systems. Such flexibility is an attractive option for students in any major, allowing for critical thought on practical topics.

While the minor in education studies at Wabash does not include teacher certification, we maintain the commitment of the first Wabash faculty member Caleb Mills – the father of the Indiana public school system – to the preparation of teachers through a deep and wide-ranging liberal arts education. Alumni of our program become classroom teachers and school administrators through alternative licensure programs offered in many U.S. cities and states (see our Resources page for a partial list of programs Wabash alumni have entered after graduation). Education Studies faculty members are happy to discuss future career and graduate studies options with prospective and current students. 

Combined with majors and minors in a variety of departments, the minor in education studies can lead to careers and community engagement opportunities in education policy, school teaching and administration, educational psychology, school counseling, museum education, health education, corporate training, sales, business management, non-profit management, youth services, social work, ministry, higher education, and a host of other fields. 

Students interested in learning more are encouraged to speak with a member of the education studies faculty or take one of our courses that satisfies distribution requirements for a Wabash degree.