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During the 2017-2018 academic year, there were 82 full-time and 23 part-time members of the faculty in 18 departments representing 25 major fields of study. The full-time faculty includes 39% women and 8.5% faculty of color. One hundred percent of full-time faculty have the highest terminal degree in their field. The student-faculty ratio is 10-1.

Join the Faculty at WabashThe education of undergraduate men, from the acquisition of knowledge and skills to the development of qualities of mind and an appreciation for diversity, inclusiveness, and service, is central to the mission of the College. Our faculty support this mission through excellent and innovative teaching, continued scholarship and creative work, leadership in the life of the community, and close mentorship of students both in and outside of the classroom.

First and foremost, faculty pursue excellence in teaching in all its forms and settings, whether in lectures, in small group or individual discussions, in laboratory or studio work, in office conferences, or during impromptu meetings across campus. Faculty are also reflective about the processes of teaching and learning, annually assessing student outcomes, and improving their effectiveness as teachers. While faculty focus primarily on their own disciplines, their interests and abilities extend beyond a particular field, leading to involvement in all-college courses, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and the broader intellectual life of the College.

Wabash faculty also craft their courses, pedagogy, and scholarly work to fit the varied interests, backgrounds, experiences, and talents of a diverse student body and community and celebrate the diversity of people and ideas that are at the core of a vibrant liberal arts experience. The Faculty Statement of Principle Concerning Diversity describes Wabash’s commitment to fostering an environment of mutual respect.

Wabash offers a competitive salary and benefits package (including a generous family leave policy) and substantial support for professional travel and faculty development. In particular, Byron K. Trippet professorships provide new tenure-track faculty a substantial stipend for research in the first four years of teaching.

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