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Law - Pre-Law

Professor Scott Himsel at the 2019 Annual Peck Medal award ceremony.

How does Pre-Law prepare you for law school?

A Wabash liberal arts degree provides a strong foundation for a career in law, as our 88% law school acceptance rate evidences. Wabash graduates attend law schools across the nation, including highly-rated national law schools and well-respected, more regional institutions.

Pre-Law students can major in any subject so long as they pursue academic excellence. Wabash courses in political science, rhetoric, philosophy, and other disciplines that incorporate the study of law, law-related materials, and Socratic teaching will help hone the writing, analysis, and critical thinking skills the law demands. 

Outside the classroom, students can attend an introductory information session at the start of each academic year; confer one-on-one with the Pre-Law Advisor at any time, including during sophomore pre-law interviews; and participate in a bootcamp to prepare for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). They may also participate in the annual Moot Court competition, during which lawyers tutor students in oral advocacy skills and judge preliminary rounds, and federal and state judges hear final round arguments. The Pre-Law Advisor assists with law internship applications and law school selection when students reach that point.

Wabash Pre-Law students network with lawyers at the annual Peck Lecture and Dinner, which features a lecture from an eminent lawyer followed by a dinner with alumni lawyers, and at frequent Pre-Law Society events where attorneys talk about their day-to-day work in various jobs in law.

If you are considering a career in law, please contact Professor Scott Himsel, the Pre-Law Advisor.